When purchasing a boat paying the full amount, you must purchase a selected vessel fee paying 1/4 of the amount.


To use the boat is very easy, we have an organized online booking system, so you can guarantee your trip.

The Prime Share


Instead of buying a boat for the full price, you get a quota of the desired boat between 16% and 25% of the price.

Fixed cost

Boat stay at the marina, cleaning, documentation, full insurance of the boat, all these services are divided among the quota holders in fixed monthly fees.


Using the boat is very easy, we have an organized online scheduling system, so you can guarantee your ride.


If you are not qualified to sail, we have sailors and also onboard service.


The management of the vessel is made by Prime Share and the maintenance billing is based on the frequency of use of the vessel. You don't care about anything and the cost becomes fair and democratic.


All vessels are reviewed regularly and are fully insured, with 7 days week Prime Share assistance.


4th edition of Marina Itajaí nautical fair confirmed

The 2019 edition of the Salão Nautical Marina Itajaí is confirmed to take place between the 4th to the 7th of July 2019.

Recognized as the largest nautical salon in the south of Brazil, the expectation is for growth for the 2019 editi...